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Oris Jay Interview


Luckystrike: How long have you been producing? and what got you started?

Oris Jay: Ive been producing about 6ish years, the main reason i started was so i could have tunes that no other DJ had!

Luckystrike: How did you get into the garage scene?

Oris Jay: Back in the day my favourate music was Jungle/D&B, but the city i live in is all about House music, so i DJ'ed House music in the clubs, went to London one day to buy some new House tunes and discovered UK Garage! , It had bass like D&B but also had the vibes of House music, from there i was hooked!

Oris Jay - Producer

Luckystrike: What and who inspires you? past and present...

Oris Jay: Originaly i was inspired by Steve Gurley, Zed Bais and Wookie, but now i am inspired by the mood i'm in and the world around me!

Luckystrike: What do you think of the current uk garage scene?

Oris Jay: i think there is a few UK Garage scenes at the moment! all of them seem to be ok! from Breaky to 8 Bar

Luckystrike: .Where do you think the scene is going?

Oris Jay: only God knows!

Luckystrike: What dj's/mc's and producers do you rate?

Oris Jay: DJ Lombardo, EZ, Mark One, Artwork, Zed Bais, EL-B, Ja Da Flex, Ms Dynamite, Plastic Man, Pay as u go crew, M J Cole,Aquasky, Autobots, Freq Nasty, theres to much to name!

Luckystrike: .Were you suprised how big said the spider became in the breaks scene?

Oris Jay: Very Suprised!

Luckystrike: Out of all your tracks whats your fav?

Oris Jay: Taiwan Ink or Said the Spider VIP

Luckystrike: Where do you see yourself in 10years?

Oris Jay: Only God has that answer, but i would like to think i'll still be building beats!

Luckystrike: Who would you most like to work with?

Oris Jay: I would work with any one who could hold there own in a studio!

Luckystrike: Any plans to collaborate with any other artists?

Oris Jay: Not at the mo

Luckystrike: Any plans to try any different styles of music?

Oris Jay: yeah, i'm gonna slow down my tempo for couple of tracks to see how it come out, maybe it will sound like hip hop!

Luckystrike: How does it feel to be such a respected part of the industry?

Oris Jay: it took many years of hard grafting to get my sound recognised, so it feels like it wasnt all for nothing

Luckystrike: What do u think about the internet? is it a good tool for the industry?

Oris Jay: Defo! its a way to get music from all over the world and to promote yourself without leaving your house!

Luckystrike: What studio set up do you have? software? hardware?

Oris Jay: Istill have Hardware coz i dont fully trust software yet!

Luckystrike: Any advice for up and coming producers?

Oris Jay: If you Believe in yourself people will believe in you!

Luckystrike: (thank the boys at nu breaks 4 this question!) Do you really like spiders?

Oris Jay: Spiders are ok, when they are about a mile away from me!

Luckystrike: Any shouts?

Oris Jay: Big Big shout to the FORWARD>> massive, and all the people who are suporting the scene!!!

Luckystrike: Thanks for your time, and big up from 2SG! ...Lucky Strike...


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