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Wayne Williams Interview Page 2

Now that you and Dane have spoken, are there any chances that Another Level might get back together?
[pauses] You never know, I mean, anything's possible (!), it's just the way it is, at the moment I'm quite content where I am with my company here and all the plans we have for my future, the labels future. I think I've got enough on my plate at the moment but as I say, you know, one thing I have learnt in life is you can't possibly rule anything out so anything is possible when it comes to that.

You and Dane have stayed quite high profile but the other two haven't really been heard of since the split?
I have to say that Mark is happily married and doing his thing, you know, Bobak likes to travel and he likes to spend a lot of time in the US. I'm sure, I'm quite certain that we will hear something from Bobak, he's got quite a good head on his shoulders so I'm quite sure we'll hear from him.

So, you're back in touch with all of them [Another Level] now?
Bobak has actually been here a good few times, at the launch party in November for the record label, we were taking pictures and hanging out, I've been over to his house to hang out with him. More so than what I have done with any of the other guys.

This one might be a bit of a sticky question, we hear you're not to keen on Blue [the boy band]?
Oh [laughs]! I don't know where you got that from! It's not that I'm not keen on them, I don't have any issues with Blue at all.

I thought you were quoted as saying that they are just a copy of Another Level?
Yeah, but that doesn't mean I have an issue with them though! That's just the truth. They are. I think even they know that, if Another Level had of been, who knows if Blue would ever have existed. They literally picked up where we left off. They like to think they're successful and they've done great things and achieved great things.

Does that make you feel a bit sad, you know, that they have almost taken over from Another Level?
It doesn't make me feel sad, but I think it's sad when people get caught up in the formula base conveyor belt system, you know, that's just what happens, Another Level will get off, Another Level stopped and the machine has picked up another can, dressed it up in the same outfits, created the same concepts, the same flavour and rotated the conveyor belt around. That's what I think is sad, I don't have any personal issues with Blue, I've had small talk with Lee, I met Lee very very briefly and he seemed like a cool guy. I didn't pick up any vibe from him so it's not an issue I have with Blue but if people come up to me and ask 'what do you think of Blue' then I only tell the truth, and that's just simply it. Good luck to them.

So, in a musical battle, Another Level or Blue?
I would always say Another Level were a lot better than Blue, we made better music, we had more of an edge and the great thing about what Another Level did was bring pop culture a lot closer to the street, a lot closer to the urban sector in the market, whereas Blue are a poppier version. But hey that's cool, maybe that's the fine line between Another Level and Blue, I don't know but I'd say Another Level were a better group - we worked with people, did collaborations with people like Jay Z and TQ.

And what was it like meeting those sorts of guys?
Met Jay Z briefly, he's cool, TQ is a great guy, really really cool guy, we got to spend a lot of time with him in the studio in LA so yeah. We toured with Janet Jackson, some of those people do make really good music and I really felt that.

What inspired you and Jason [his brother] to set up your own record label?
Again, I think my time in the industry has allowed me and given me an opportunity to get to know and become a lot more familiar with the music business and I think when a lot more artists and groups become a lot more familiar and get a greater understanding of the business, you'll probably see groups lasting a lot longer, making decision, standing up to record companies and working for themselves, that's what it's about, ultimately it's about control and flexibility for ones career and what they want to achieve so that is what Daydream Records is all about. This gives us a chance to exercise everything we want to exercise, to get ourselves away from the pressures and the conveyor belts, that's pretty much it, we've always wanted to be a part of the music industry, my brother has always played close attention to my progress from day dot, from Another Level, before Another Level, whilst I was in Another Level.

What would be your advice to any young talent wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Believe in yourself. If you're a major believer then you'll be an achiever, it's that simple really. Don't get deluded with what you see on TV, work hard with what you've got. That's it really.

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