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Bigshot Interview - April 2003

Lauryn: How and when did you first go about starting producing

Bigshot: I i was classically trained at Piano from the age 7 till about 14.
At 16 i decided to put those skills to use and got myself an Atari computer with Cubase and started playing around on that and just developed from there. I discovered garage in 99/00.

Lauryn: So musics always been a big part of your life from a young age

Bigshot: Yup my Dad used to play alot of reggae music so I was always into that.

Lauryn: Ccan you remember the first bit of music you produced?

Bigshot: I can't remember that far i remember certain beats because I recorded them onto tapes

Lauryn: Had it always been garage you made back then?

Bigshot: Nah i started with Rnb and HipHop and even Pop, dont know if i should have said that haha!

Lauryn: If you wasnt producing what do you think you would be doing

Bigshot: On tour with the chippendales ( so basically i have no idea!)

Lauryn:Where do you get your inspiritation ? Or do any artists inspire you ?

Bigshot: Right now, 'The Neptunes' inspire me big time! They're the hottest production duo in the world right now

Lauryn: If you could pick any artists to work with who would it be? You can have more than one!

Bigshot: I'd like to work with Kele le Roc coz her voice is so sweet. Also wouldnt mind working with MJ Cole on Production

Lauryn: Can you let us in on if youve had an offers to work with any of the big names in the industry....?

Bigshot: Right now, i mainly been releasing instrumentals. I haven't really shown people my full capabilities when it comes to working with artists

Lauryn: But something for the future?

Bigshot: Wait and see .....

Lauryn: Your tunes so far have followed the same sorta style.... is there any other direction you going to take with the style of music or stay as it is

Bigshot: I want to explore the 4/4 sound a bit more as well more vocal based stuff. I'll still do my dark beats.

Lauryn: How did you get the name Big Shot?

Bigshot: An important or influential person , thats what i wanted to be!

Lauryn: What DJ,MC and producer do you rate at the moment?

Bigshot: Can i name more that one? ( go for it!!):

DJs - Slimzee and EZ

MC - Wiley, Dizzy, B-live, Viper

Producer - Sovereign, Sticky, Jaimeson, MJ Cole, Wookie, Sunship, K Warren.

Lauryn: Where do you see yourself with your producing in say 5/10 years time?

Bigshot: I want to be hitting the national charts on a regular basis regardless of genre. I'm like a chameleon, always changing colour.

Lauryn: So we're gonna be seeing a hell of alot more of bighot then?

Bigshot: I i know u will I'm here to stay, that's for sure

Cheers Bigshot from all at 2SG

Click here to view Bigshots interview with Luckystrike from Jan 2003

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Bigshot - April 03
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