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Wayne Williams Interview Page 3

Do you think fame changes a person?
Yes. It brings false pretences, it brings insecurities, it depends on your circumstances and your circle, who you have around you, luckily I'm fortunate enough to been surrounded by good people who keep me grounded and focused.

That's my next question, what do you do to keep grounded?
I don't have too many friends, I don't really mingle much, I'm not unsociable, it's just better to keep yourself to people who are honest, honest about you, honest with you and who are not around you for what they feel they can get out of you or gain from you.

Dane [Bowers] has done some TV presenting, is that something that interests you?
[thinks] I have done a bit of presenting, I presented Michael Jackson with an award which was a wonderful experience. But yeah, the right kind of thing, of course, I'd love to do it. I think Dane's a really good presenter, I think he does really well at it.

Round two: what's your favourite …
Food: Mum's Cooking
Drink: Pineapple and Coconut Juice
Cocktail: Medouri Sour
Club: Dream Nights
Film: Scar Face
Holiday: Ski-ing in Austria
Make of Clothing: 78
Car: Lamborghini
Childhood Toy: Skateboard
Cartoon: Tom & Jerry
Place To Be: Home with Family
TV Advert: Tango
Another Level Track: Freak me

Round Three: quick fire …
Looks or Personality: Both
Money or Happiness: Happiness
Solo or Group Member: Solo
Tupac or Biggie: Biggie
Marmite: Love or Hate It: Hate It
Tea or Coffee: Both
Chicken or Steak: Chicken
Posh or Baby Spice: Baby
Summer or Winter: Summer
Morning or Evening: Both
Blonde or Brunette: Brunette
Lover or Player: Lover

Anything is Possible is due for release in May.

Words and Pictures: Lady G x

Martin Larner
Bigshot - April 03
Bigshot - Jan 03
Wayne Williams
MC Vapour
B Live
Oris Jay 
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